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Worldwide Pioneering Training on “How To Achieve Sustainable Success?”

Over the last 3 decades, a multitude of reputable international researches have shown a solid positive correlation between stress management and emotional intelligence from the one side and long-term sustainable success from the other side. As a matter of fact, the ability of individuals, organizations, cities, and nations to continually reduce the total time that they spend in frustration as well as their ability to develop their emotional intelligence have been proven to be key for the attainment of their personal, organizational and national strategic objectives. From here comes the necessity, the absolute necessity, for individuals, organizations, cities, and nations to adopt a core process to continually measure and improve their ‘Occupational Happiness’. The latter being the total time spent in comfort vs. the total time spent in frustration at the workplace.

Furthermore, the tremendously accelerated change that has been occurring in the environment over the last 5 decades implies that individuals, organizations, cities, and nations that do not continuously reinvent themselves through continual innovation, run a great risk of becoming obsolete/irrelevant and thus lose their ability to create economic value which is needed for their survival. In order for individuals to be able to innovate, they need to resort to creative thinking which, as many medical researchers have demonstrated, is highly impaired by accumulated and excessive stress. From here comes the link between prioritizing, measuring, and improving the ‘Occupational Happiness’ and the ability to think creatively and subsequently innovate and create economic value.

For the above mentioned reasons, based on our 15 years research as well as our global consulting, speaking and teaching experience supporting thousands of individuals and organizations from 12 countries spread over 4 continents, we have developed a ‘Worldwide Pioneering Copyrighted Solution for Sustainable and Happy Success’ that rests on two pillars. The first pillar being a ‘Value Creation and Innovation’ Process and the second pillar being an ‘Occupational Happiness’ Process. We bring those two pillars into reality through our below listed 3 proprietary :

Our Mission Is Enabling Organizations To Excel


We believe everything we do, deserve to be done the best way possible. We aim to create value to our clients by transforming innovative ideas into pragmatic plans. Every project is unique


We believe that the greatest accomplishments in life are achieved by people pulling together for a common goal. We put together a team from different academic, career and personal backgrounds to create the perfect harmony and balance. Sustainable Success team will collaborate with you to deliver a true value service. Together Everyone Achieves More


Our team pursue the highest level of integrity, quality and professionalism to provide the service and exceed our clients expectations. All Sustainable Success Staff are trained on the IMC USA “Code of Ethics” and “Consulting Competency Framework” thus enabling them to deliver “World Class” consultancy services and adhere to the highest standards of professional ethics

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